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Reasons To Install Colorado Solar Panels From The Solar Revolution

Updated: May 1

The future of energy is... Clean, sustainable, responsible, affordable, reliable, and beautiful.

We want to make Colorado solar panels and battery backups accessible to as many families as possible.

Colorado Solar Panels
Colorado Solar Panel Installation

How it works:

  • Solar panels collect energy from the sun through PV modules

  • The inverter converts DC to AC current

  • Transmit the power from the solar station to the Electrical grid

  • Now, it's transmitted to the end user's usage.

Here are just a few of the benefits of making The Solar Revolution your solar energy installer:

  • Superior Workmanship

  • Empanelled with leading equipment manufacturers

  • We are certified Colorado solar panel installation professionals

  • We follow code-compliant installation methods

  • We create beautiful and balanced aesthetics

From the moment you contact our team, we'll help you assess exactly how much power you need, including the number and kind of panels that would deliver on efficiency and budget. We're happy to share that most installations are completed in 1-2 days, so you can enjoy lower utility bills immediately.

We provide the highest quality material and installation you can get on the market today. By offering top-of-the-line equipment to complete custom installations, you can be assured that you will get the best value possible. We custom design every solar system to meet each homeowner's different needs and lifestyles. Anything from an entire house to a single first-time home buyer, we can provide the right option.

Experience significant benefits and savings by choosing Colorado solar panels from The Solar Revolution for superior solar solutions, including a life powered by clean, emission-free renewable energy, increased home resale value, eligibility for cash incentives and tax breaks, and freedom from unforeseen spikes in energy costs.

Our company was started with one simple passion – harnessing the everlasting energy of the sun. The standard by which we've made that power available to our community has made us the best solar installers. 

As a dual contractor specializing in comprehensive solar planning, installation, battery backup, EV charging stations, and extensive electrical contracting services, we are proud to offer you unbeatable value and a host of benefits from working with a single, trusted subcontractor.

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