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$500 Tesla Boulder Powerwall Rebate

Updated: Apr 2

For each Powerwall installed between June 15 to October 31, 2023, you can claim a rebate of $500.

Powerwall is a home energy storage solution designed to store energy for use at any time, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply—even during blackouts.

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Key Benefits

  • Cost savings through optimized energy usage

  • 24/7 access to solar power, day and night

  • Real-time monitoring of your home's energy usage

  • Backup protection during power outages

  • Reduced reliance on the grid and a lower carbon footprint

  • Conveniently charge your electric vehicle using Powerwall

  • Flexibility to expand your energy storage capacity by adding up to 10 Powerwalls

The Solar Revolution is a Certified Installer and can show you how you can benefit from this limited-time offer of a $500 Tesla Boulder Powerwall Rebate.

Terms and conditions apply.

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