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Prepare Your Roof: 2 Must-Ask Questions for Solar Panel System Installation

Updated: 7 days ago


Solar panels can power your home, meeting all your energy needs or significantly reducing energy bills.

The Solar Revolution
Solar Panel System Installation Roofing Considerations

Like our other clients, you, too, may have some questions about your roof before installing solar panels. We have tried to answer a few:


Solar Panel System Installation - Will the roof leak?


Solar panel system installations comprise various materials – the solar panels themselves, the racking (or mounting system) they are mounted to, and the footings attached to the roof material. They hold the racking and lag bolts to keep the footings secured to your roof.


Rest assured, once a solar panel installation is complete on a home, the portion of the roof with solar is the most water resistant! Solar panels are secured to your roof into a rafter inside your home with a 4-inch lag bolt. We flash under the shingles and use marine-grade caulking to ensure a proper seal. 


What about a roof warranty?


Mounting solar panels does not have to void your roof warranty, as long as the system installed by experienced companies like The Solar Revolution complies with your roof manufacturer and installer’s instructions.


Side note: There are different types of roofs, which can be classified according to the material, shape, roof age, and size they have. So, it’s essential to consider these characteristics when installing a solar panel system on your roof. 


Here are the steps involved in solar panel system installation:


Consultation: We first carefully analyze your home to evaluate its solar prospects. Based on the findings, we’ll be able to give you a good estimate of the energy production and financial savings that can be expected. 


Engineering analysis: After data crunching, our in-house engineers will do a detailed site evaluation and provide precise measurements and calculations to install your solar system. 


Installation: We will handle all permits, incentives, and utility applications and install solar panel systems. Our licensed electrician leads this operation, which is supported by our team of panel installation specialists.


Power-up: After installation and checking, you can flick a switch to turn on your new source of green energy.


Have more questions? Please do not hesitate to email or call us anytime.



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