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Boulder Solar Company - The Solar Revolution Promises To Deliver The Best

Updated: Apr 2

Whether the job is to lower utility bills, fully replace fossil fuel-generated power for lights and appliances, or trickle charge a spare battery, solar electricity has proven clean, safe, and reliable.

With the most reliable and professional Boulder solar company by your side, produce your own energy and have the sun generate power for your home. In addition to being a clean, reliable, and safe energy source, solar is easy to install and adds value to your property. If a solar system is sized correctly, you can eliminate 100% of your energy consumption.

  • Zero your emissions of polluting gases

  • Up to 30-years warranty

  • Financing up to 30 years

  • Fast Installation and cheap maintenance

Boulder Solar Company

The Solar Revolution, Boulder solar company – We design, engineer, permit, install, and service residential and commercial solar photovoltaic systems.

Check out the main steps of an installation:

  • After all the signed documentation, contracts, and financing, we will start the next steps

  • We do all the necessary documentation for permits with the county.

  • Once approved, our installers install all the equipment. Installation is quick and takes one to two days.

  • After installation, the county inspector will carry out your inspection, and with everything up to standard, we will proceed to the next and final step.

  • We get in touch with your electricity operator and make the request to exchange the old meter for a new one.

At every installation step, our Boulder solar company experts do everything for you!

Can solar energy really power an entire house?

Yes, it’s possible to achieve complete self-sufficiency, produce your own electricity, and never rely on conventional energy sources again. Additionally, you will eventually be able to eliminate your monthly electricity costs permanently. Solar energy can be used to supply electricity to every electrical system in your house, including the air conditioning, appliances, and lighting. Modern homes can easily incorporate these systems into either traditional or non-traditional designs. Do you know that mounting modules on a south-facing roof or on the ground is the most popular method?

It's a great feeling knowing your home or business is powered by the sun. Join The Solar Revolution today – your friendly Boulder solar company.

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