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What Is The Solar Panel System Installation Process?

Updated: Jan 10

Solar power in the United States is booming. This exciting switch can significantly reduce energy bills, but how do you find the right solar panel system installer? 

It’s crucial that professionals do the solar panel system installation to ensure optimal performance and maximum energy savings. 

Solar Panel System Installation
The Solar Panel System Installation Process

But you can’t just go out and buy a panel, bolt it to the roof, and hotwire it to a fuse box. It requires a lot of planning, a wealth of permits, and meticulous execution to flip the switch on a new solar panel system installation.

At ‘The Solar Revolution’, we have a team of reliable and experienced solar panel installers who will provide you with competitive quotes so you can get the best deal possible.

Do you know that a successful solar panel system installation requires a lot of preparation?

Solar Panel Installation Process

The roof is the most common location for installing solar PV panels. Most roofs typically have the desired specifications for the installation so that panels get the maximum sunlight.

Nevertheless, if installation on the roof is not applicable or desired, the solar panels could also be mounted on the ground. You need to make sure that there are no objects blocking access to the sun.

Once the quote is agreed upon and signed, we:

  • Set up scaffolding

  • Install solar panel mounts

  • Install the solar panels

  • Wire the solar panels

  • Install solar inverter

  • Bond solar inverter and solar battery

  • Connect the inverter to the consumer unit

  • Start and test solar panels

After the solar panel system installation is complete, take some time to examine the final result. This involves inspecting the panels and seeing how they power your home. If you can’t access the installation site, we can take pictures for you. 

The final payment is made after you are happy with the project results. Please leave us a positive online review and agree to be our future reference.

If you are interested, connect with us, and our team of experts will work with you to design the solar panel system installation process that meets your specific energy needs.

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