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Tesla Boulder Solar: Outshining the Rest with Superior Solar Solutions

Updated: Feb 9

A house equipped with solar panels usually produces more electricity during the day than it consumes at the time of generation. This extra solar power can be stored in the Powerwall battery instead of returned to the electric grid.

Tesla Boulder Powerwall
Tesla Boulder Powerwall

The Solar Revolution is a Tesla-certified energy consultant with experience installing hundreds of Tesla Powerwalls.

Why do we back Tesla Powerwall?

Tesla users rarely have complaints. The Powerwall delivers on its promises; if it doesn’t, Tesla’s phone support sets it right.

Two reasons why, as the best Tesla Boulder company, we are outshining the rest:

No Hidden Costs of the Tesla Powerwall Battery

When purchasing from any Tesla Boulder company, there are required expenses, such as hardware and labor costs, in addition to the cost of the battery itself. These expenses are required no matter who you purchase your battery from, so it is essential to understand what exactly is included in the quote if you want to get the best deal. 

Reputable Installation Business

Solar power and battery installation are a significant investment. Finding a trustworthy company to outfit your home is the difference between headache and happiness. Look for an installer certified by the Tesla Company – The Solar Revolution – the best Tesla Boulder company.

We take care of all installation and permits, making solar and storage installation a breeze. During the initial consultation, our experts determine the best solar design and strategy and decide what the energy potential is. This number is put into writing and guaranteed. If your system does not perform to the extent promised, you will have the system evaluated. This sort of transparency is the backbone of our company, which believes in putting the customer first. 

We’re an approved and accredited Tesla Powerwall Installer. It’s one of many labels we have at The Solar Revolution that we’re proud to possess. Just like winning awards – it’s a description that we want our customers to know about. But what does it mean? What is the Tesla Powerwall? What does it mean to be an approved and accredited installer of the Tesla Powerwall? And what benefits can it bring to you, our customers?

Connect with our Tesla Boulder expert to know more.

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