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Is your Solar Edge system cell network shutting down

Updated: Apr 2

Colorado Solar Installers
Solar Edge Network Shutting Down

This warning was sent to SolarEdge customers on January 27th 2022 regarding their upcoming 3G network shutdown. The customers currently connecting through these carriers will need their cellular modem(s) replaced in order to ensure continued connectivity to the SolarEdge monitoring platform.

The Solar Revolution can help you with expert advice and replacement even if you purchased your system from another supplier. We will also be happy to review your system for you to see if this or other maintenance issues need to be addressed.

Just contact us and we'll setup a no charge system review for you.

Below are the highlights from this customer email.

Colorado Solar Installers
Solar Edge Network Shutting Down

Dear SolarEdge System Owner,

The 5-year, 3G cell plan in the modem that came with your Solar Edge installation is being prematurely discontinued by its provider: T-Mobile

Once this occurs, connection to our server in the cloud will be disconnected. Your system will still produce solar energy, however, you will lose access to:

  • Energy monitoring

  • Real time usage reports

  • Remote installer maintenance

  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) Incentives

While SolarEdge and your installer have no control over this change, we don’t want you to lose your connection. As a result, if you purchase and replace your current system’s modem before the shutdown, your new cell plan will extend through 2028.

What You’ll Get with Your New Modem:

• Connection to system monitoring

• More insight, more often—5 minute synching with monitoring

• Quicker remote installer management

• Backup Reserve visibility for systems with battery

• Ability to support more devices, including our Smart EV Charger

Please disregard this email if your installer has already contacted you.

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