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City of Denver Community Solar Gardens Project - by The Solar Revolution

Updated: Apr 26

In October of 2022, the City & County of Denver kicked off a multimillion-dollar contract to install Community Solar Gardens. The project was financed through the Denver Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency (C A S R) who partnered with McKinstry to design, install, commission, and monitor the solar installations.

McKinstry subsequently teamed with The Solar Revolution for the Solar Garden atop the National Western Center Operations & Maintenance Building, for the first phase of the project. There will eventually be eleven Solar Gardens in total.

The Solar Revolution is please to present the current status of the National Western Center Facility Solar installation.

  • Installation completed on the 284.3kW Flat Roof with a Ballasted Solar System

  • Installation completed on the Panel Claw racking with JINKO Solar Modules

  • The Rooftop installation was completed in 5 weeks

  • Final AC work is in progress

Once completed, these eleven community solar gardens will produce 9.6 million kWh per year, avoiding the emissions equivalent of taking one thousand cars off the road. The power generated from these solar gardens will be used help dozens of DPS families. According to Denver’s Chief Climate officer, Grace Rink, "once all 11 arrays are energized, we think we will be able to provide at least 300 families with bill reduction assistance which will at a minimum reduce their electric bills by 30%."

“The Solar Revolution is honored to support Denver in its equitable transition to renewable energy,” Such a monumental task requires strong city leadership, a mandate from the residents of Denver and a team of like-minded partners equally committed to driving positive change in our environment and our communities.

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