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$2,500 Tesla Powerwall Promotion

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Thanks to a new agreement with Xcel Energy, new Tesla Powerwall sales in Colorado installed by The Solar Revolution will be able to enroll in the “Renewable Battery Connect” program starting in mid-June 2023.

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Tesla Powerwall Installation

Program Highlights

Xcel Energy is providing upfront incentives of $500 per KW of capacity.

  • That's $2,500 per Powerwall2 and an additional $100 per year for five years.

  • The incentive is higher in disadvantaged communities.

  • Xcel mails the upfront incentive to the customer 60 days after installation.


  • You are an Xcel Energy Colorado electric residential or small business customer.

  • You are working with a solar battery provider at your residence or small business to install either a Tesla Powerwall II, Powerwall +, or a SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter with a SolarEdge Home Battery.

  • You agree to allow Xcel Energy to charge or discharge up to 60% of your battery up to 60 times per year.

  • You maintain the connection of your Tesla Battery and/or SolarEdge inverter through a cellular or high-speed internet connection, as required by Tesla and SolarEdge.

How to Enroll

Enroll through The Solar Revolution. TSR will submit an interconnection application through Xcel Energy’s portal.

The Solar Revolution will then confirm with Tesla or SolarEdge that your battery has been installed and is ready to participate in the program.

If you have questions about Renewable Battery Connect Program, contact The Solar Revolution at 303-815-9360, or contact

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